Eugene Oregon Baby Photographer - Tips for Planning for a Photoshoot with Toddlers

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Eugene Family Photographer, Specializing in Newborn and Maternity Photography

Tips for Planning a Successful Photoshoot with a Toddler

& What if My Toddler Doesn't Cooperate for Photos?

Tips for Planning a Successful Photoshoot with Toddlers: Capturing Gorgeous Memories at my Eugene Photography Studio

Planning a photoshoot with toddlers can seem daunting, but with the right approach, it can be a fun and rewarding experience. As a professional photographer in Eugene, with a background in special education, I have honed my skills in patience, understanding, and working with children of all ages. Here are some of my top tips to ensure we capture stunning photos of your little ones, creating memories that you'll cherish forever.

1. Choose the Right Time

Timing is everything when it comes to photographing toddlers. Aim to schedule the photoshoot during your child's happiest time of day, which is usually after a nap and a meal. Well-rested and well-fed toddlers are more likely to be cooperative and smile for the camera.

2. Keep It Simple and Familiar

Toddlers thrive in familiar environments. With you being close by, we'll take a slow-approach to getting them comfortable in my studio. I also offer a range of lovely toys for them to play with. While they're getting comfortable, I'll be sure to document all of the snuggles they give you as well. 

3. Bring Their Favorite Things

Incorporate your child’s favorite toys, books, or blankets into the photoshoot. These items not only help to keep them entertained and calm but also add a personal touch to the photographs. Plus, capturing your child with their beloved belongings adds an extra layer of sentimentality to the pictures.

4. Be Flexible and Patient

Flexibility is key when working with toddlers. They can be unpredictable, and that’s okay. Allowing for breaks, snacks, and a little playtime can go a long way in keeping the mood light and enjoyable. My experience as a special education teacher has taught me to be extremely patient and adaptable, ensuring that even the most energetic toddlers are given the time they need to feel at ease.

5. Engage and Interact

Engage with your child throughout the photoshoot. Singing songs, playing games, and making silly faces are great ways to elicit genuine smiles and laughter. My background in special education has equipped me with a variety of techniques to connect with children, ensuring they feel comfortable and engaged during our time together. I also have a Google nearby to play all of their favorite songs!

6. Dress Comfortably

Choose outfits that are comfortable for your child. Avoid overly complicated clothing with many layers or accessories that might cause discomfort. Simple, comfortable clothes in colors that complement the setting work best. You want your child to be free to move and play without feeling restricted. I offer a range of clothing options for your little to ease the stress of planning what they should wear! My sizes go up to 5T for boys and girls! 

7. Capture the Candid Moments

Some of the best photos are taken when toddlers are simply being themselves. While posed pictures are wonderful, candid shots often capture the true essence of your child’s personality. I focus on creating a relaxed atmosphere where these natural moments can unfold, leading to beautiful, authentic photos.

8. Trust the Process

It's important to trust the process and remember that the goal is to capture the joy and spirit of your child. Sometimes, the most unexpected moments produce the most memorable photos. Trusting in my ability to work with children and capture these moments will ensure we get the best results.

9. Plan Ahead, But Stay Flexible

While it’s great to have a plan, staying flexible is crucial. If things aren’t going as expected, don’t worry. We can take breaks, or try different activities to keep your child happy and cooperative. My experience in special education means I’m adept at adjusting plans on the fly to suit the needs of each child.

10. Have Fun!

Above all, remember that photoshoots should be fun. The more relaxed and joyful the atmosphere, the better the photos will turn out. I’m here to make sure both you and your child have a positive and enjoyable experience, resulting in gorgeous photos that you will love.

With these tips and my expertise in working with children, including those with special needs, I’m confident that we can create a photoshoot that is not only successful but also a delightful experience for you and your toddler. Let's capture those precious moments together, creating stunning images that reflect the unique spirit of your child.



Heidi offers professional photography at her Eugene photo studio, and at locations around Eugene and Lane Country, including Springfield, Cottage Grove, Coburg and beyond! She captures natural and timeless photos, and specializes in all things motherhood. Newborn photography, maternity photography, family photos, and milestone sessions are some of her favorites! 

Best Eugene Newborn Photographer

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Eugene, Oregon Newborn Photographer

Capturing Timeless Moments: The Art of Newborn Photography

Welcoming a newborn into the world is a momentous occasion, filled with joy, wonder, and a bit of sleeplessness. As a newborn photographer, I've found immense beauty in capturing these fleeting moments through a minimalist approach, emphasizing light posing and authentic, natural poses. Babies don’t stay little for long, and my mission is to create a natural and timeless look that preserves these precious memories forever.

Baby photographer in Eugene, Oregon. Minimalist pose for newborn baby in wrap.Newborn baby Wrapped in BlanketNewborn baby pose idea. Newborn baby photographer in Eugene, Oregon

Embracing a Minimalist Approach

In a world filled with distractions, a minimalist approach to newborn photography brings focus to what truly matters—the baby. By using simple backgrounds and minimal props, the baby remains the focus of every photograph. This style highlights their pure innocence and delicate features without overwhelming the image with unnecessary elements. 

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographerNewborn Baby, Mom and baby pose ideaEugene, Oregon newborn photographer with family

Light Posing for Comfort and Authenticity

Newborns are naturally perfect just as they are, so I believe in light posing to ensure their comfort. Instead of forcing them into unnatural positions, I gently guide them into poses that reflect their natural movements and sleep patterns. This method not only keeps the baby relaxed and happy but also captures their true essence in a serene and peaceful state.

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer studio sessoinNewborn Baby Photographer EugeneCute baby pose for newborn photography in Eugene

Capturing Authentic and Natural Poses

Authenticity is at the heart of my photography. I strive to capture the baby’s spontaneous expressions, tiny yawns, and those adorable stretches. These genuine moments create a timeless look that resonates with families for years to come. There’s a profound beauty in the simplicity of a newborn’s natural poses, and these are the moments we never want to forget.

Including the Whole Family

A newborn session isn’t just about the baby—it's about the entire family. Parents and siblings play a significant role in my collections. The tender moments between a mother and her newborn, the protective gaze of a father, and the joyful interactions with siblings—all these relationships add depth and emotion to the photographs. These family portraits become cherished keepsakes that tell a story of love and connection.

Newborn photographer in Eugene, Oregon captures adorable newborn with older sibling. Sweet pose ideas for newborn baby with siblingsNewborn baby sibling pose, Eugene, Oregon photographerNewborn baby with sibling, cute babe pose idea. Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer

Capturing Tiny Details

One of the most enchanting aspects of newborn photography is capturing all the tiny details. The little fingers and toes, the soft curls of hair, and the delicate eyelashes—these are the details that parents want to remember as their baby grows. By focusing on these small yet significant features, I create images that evoke memories and emotions for years to come.

tiny details newborn photography, photographer in eugene, oregonNewborn photographer, tiny detailsEugene Oregon newborn photographer capturing all of the tiny details. Macro photography for newborn session idea

Creating Lasting Keepsakes

In addition to beautiful photographs, I offer a range of keepsakes that families can treasure forever. From custom photo albums to framed prints and canvases, these keepsakes provide a tangible way to hold onto these precious memories. Each product is crafted with care, ensuring that your photos are displayed in a way that complements their timeless beauty.

Book Your Session Today

Time flies, and before you know it, your newborn will be taking their first steps. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture these early moments in a natural and timeless way. Book a session at my home-studio today, and let’s create beautiful memories that you and your family will cherish forever. 

For inquiries and bookings, please fill out the form below. I look forward to capturing the beauty of your growing family.




Preserve the fleeting moments of your newborn’s early days with photographs that are as authentic and timeless as your love for them. Book your session today and create keepsakes that will be cherished for generations. Newborn sessions take place at my minimalist home-studio that is located in Eugene, Oregon. 


Heidi is a professional photographer, that specializes in Newborn photography in Eugene, Oregon. She has a small studio located in Eugene. Newborn sessions take place within the first 3 weeks after the baby is born. 


Eugene, Oregon Newborn Photographer - Three Tips for a Successful Newborn Photography Session -

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Eugene, Oregon Newborn Photographer

Exciting News: Welcoming You to My Brand New Eugene Photography Studio!

I couldn't be more thrilled to share this momentous occasion with you: the grand opening of my new Eugene photography studio! While in the past, I've had the privilege of conducting newborn photo sessions in the cozy confines of my clients' homes (and fear not, this remains an option if it suits you), I am now delighted to consistently offer the same intimate ambiance, complete with the breathtaking natural light that has become synonymous with my work.

But let's dive right into the heart of the matter—you're here for the insider tips to ensure your newborn session is nothing short of extraordinary!

Tip #1: Perfect Timing

Timing is of the essence when it comes to scheduling newborn sessions. Capturing those precious early moments of your little one's life requires precision. Ideally, we aim for within the first two weeks of their arrival. This is when they're at their tiniest, all scrunched up, and often in a blissful state of slumber. However, fret not if your bundle of joy decides to stay wide awake—I've mastered the art of creating a cozy environment in my studio, where even the most alert babies can't help but melt hearts. And if you've surpassed the two-week mark, fear not; I've worked wonders with newborns up to a month old and beyond.

For optimal planning, I recommend scheduling your newborn session while you're still expecting. We'll pencil in a tentative date around your due date, ensuring we're prepared to capture those fleeting moments as soon as they arrive.

Tip #2: Embrace Simplicity

In the world of newborn photography, less truly is more. My aim is to capture the pure essence of your newborn without unnecessary distractions. However, if you have a cherished blanket or keepsake with sentimental value, I'd be honored to incorporate it into our session. After all, it's these personal touches that add an extra layer of meaning to your images.

Tip #3: Dress for Comfort

Both you and your baby should feel at ease during the session. I recommend dressing your little one in a simple white onesie to keep the focus on their natural beauty. As for parents and siblings, opt for comfortable, light-colored attire that complements the serene atmosphere of the studio. And don't worry—I have a growing selection of wardrobe options available for your convenience that photography beautifully.

Bonus Tip: Relax and Indulge

Your session is not just about capturing stunning photographs; it's about creating a memorable experience for you and your family. So, sit back, relax, and let me take care of the rest. Help yourself to a cup of coffee or find solace in the adjacent side room or cozy studio couch. Your comfort is my priority, and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to document these precious moments in your lives.

Ready to schedule your session? Simply fill out the form below, and be sure to mention this blog post to receive a complimentary 8x10 luxury print as a token of my appreciation. I can't wait to embark on this journey with you and create timeless memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime.


Family Photographer - Eugene, Oregon - Models Wanted - Newborn and Maternity Photos

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Eugene, Oregon Family Photographer - Seeking Newborn  and Maternity Models in May 2024

Hey everyone, it's Heidi! After a refreshing break from photography, I'm thrilled to announce my return with some exciting news. I've made the decision to launch a minimalist studio right from the comfort of my home in beautiful Eugene, Oregon. 

Currently, I'm seeking a few more newborn and maternity models to revamp my portfolio. If you happen to know any expecting moms due in May 2024, please send them my way! As a token of appreciation, they'll receive 10 fully retouched digital images. 

Keep in mind that these images will be used for marketing purposes, showcased on social media, and my website. Consequently, models will be required to sign a portrait agreement. 

I'm eagerly looking forward to capturing precious moments at my in-home photography studio here in Eugene. Over the years, I've been captivated by the natural, unposed beauty that a studio setting can provide. With unwavering support from my husband, I've made the exciting decision to shift my focus from my full-time teaching job to pursue my passion for photography. 

What's even more rewarding is that this transition allows me to be more present for my children. We all know how quickly they grow up! I can't wait to connect with more families and create timeless memories through my lens at the studio.




Eugene, Oregon Photography studio opening. Minimalist family photographer specializing in newborn, milestone, and maternity sessions. 

Dan & Kara-Couples Anniversary Photo Session-Eugene, Oregon Wedding Photographer

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Wedding & Couples Photographer | Eugene, Oregon

As an Oregon wedding photographer, I absolutely love traveling out of state for sessions and weddings, especially to sunny and warm places such as California. I am always so honored when people have me document special occasions in their life. Kara and Dan celebrated their 5th year as a married couple, and I am so happy for them! Kara has been my best friend, wing-woman (we served in the Air Force together), and biggest supporter of my photography journey; and it is always exciting when I get to photograph her. 

I photographed wedding portraits for Dan and Kara in Roseville, California (shortly after their ceremony, because they eloped)  a few years ago, and then they invited me along to photograph their anniversary photos on Macinac Island, Michigan. Without a doubt, Macinac Island is one of the most stunning locations that I've been to. I love that the island only has a handful of emergency vehicles, and to get around you can only walk, bike, or take a horse and buggy. 

I hope you enjoyed these photos from this very special anniversary session. A photo session is such a wonderful way to celebrate your love for one another on your anniversary. I would be thrilled to help you plan a session with your love, please fill out the form below to get in touch! 

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